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  • Create a vision for your future

    Create a vision for your future

    Visualising the future can help you clarify your goals, set a clear direction, and stay motivated as you work towards building a successful creative venture. Here are some practical exercises to help you visualise the future of your business: Examples of visions that inspire growth, innovation, and positive change These examples of visions for creative…

  • Put your values at the heart of what you do

    Put your values at the heart of what you do

    Values are the guiding principles that shape your culture, decisions, and actions. They are crucial in defining it’s identity and setting it apart in a competitive environment. Take some time to reflect on your personal values and beliefs. What is important to you? Ensure that your project/business values align with your personal values. Your values…

  • Clarifying your idea

    Clarifying your idea

    Identifying your passion Your passion is what fuels your motivation, drives your creativity, and sustains you through challenges. Here are some tips to help you further explore and identify your passion: Understand what makes you unique Have a look at what is out there already in your field. Think about what makes your product, service,…