Glasgow Creative Clinics

Create a vision for your future

Visualising the future can help you clarify your goals, set a clear direction, and stay motivated as you work towards building a successful creative venture. Here are some practical exercises to help you visualise the future of your business:

  • Vision board: Gather images, quotes, and materials that resonate with your business vision, and lay them out on a physical or digital board to get an overview of your ideas and inspiration.
  • Future timeline mapping: Create a timeline mapping out key milestones, achievements, and goals for your project or business over the next 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years.
  • Visualisation meditation: Find a quiet, comfortable space to relax and focus on breathing. Close your eyes and visualise your ideal future in vivid detail. Imagine the success, growth, and impact you want to achieve. Engage all your senses by imagining how it feels, sounds, and looks like when your vision becomes a reality.

Examples of visions that inspire growth, innovation, and positive change

  • To be the premier destination for cutting-edge design and creativity, pushing boundaries and redefining industry standards with each project we undertake.
  • To empower artists and creatives worldwide by providing a platform for expression, collaboration, and growth, fostering a global community of inspired individuals.
  • To disrupt the traditional art market by championing emerging artists, amplifying diverse voices, and democratising access to unique and affordable art pieces.
  • To inspire the next generation of creatives through educational programs, mentorship initiatives, and scholarships that nurture talent, creativity, and innovation.
  • To bridge the gap between technology and art, pioneering new forms of digital expression and immersive experiences that push the boundaries of imagination and storytelling.
  • To be the go-to resource for sustainable and ethically sourced materials, enabling creatives to produce environmentally-friendly and socially responsible products that make a difference.

These examples of visions for creative projects or businesses showcase a range of ambitions, from redefining industry standards to fostering community engagement and promoting sustainability. By crafting a vision statement that resonates with your values, goals, and aspirations, you can attract like-minded collaborators and chart a course for long-term success and impact in the